Senior Men

The Sharks Senior Men were due to continue their BT&F Division 1 campaign with a match-up against last year's champions St Andrews University on Thursday (12th Nov) at Craigowl in a much anticipated game. However, the St Andrews side were unable to arrive within the allocated time for the match to take place, so the Sharks were awarded the points with a scoreline of 20-0 and all 20 points being accredited to Sharks veteran Donnie MacDonald off 10 assists for David Cunningham.

The outgoing champs did arrive in time for a shortened friendly match to take place ahead of the Sharks Chairman's Cup trip to Glasgow on Tuesday (17th Nov). The 1st half was a tight affair, with the Sharks working hard on their offensive rotation successfully, but a lack of intensity in rebounding and on defence meant that the Saints took a 4 point half-time lead.

The 2nd half though was very disappointing, with the Sharks struggling to find their offensive rhythm. On defence things didn't get any better as the Sharks allowed St Andrews to get to the basket easily and pick up second and third opportunities to score. The lack of rebounding on the night highlighted how much the Sharks had been relying on Steven Lyall, who missed was missing the match through a recurrance of his pre-season injury. The only positives on the night were that Junior players Michael Lyall and Andrew Chaplain came into the game and showed that they could force coach Paul Boath to find them more minutes as the season progresses.

At the end of the match coach Boath commented that "This was a wake-up call for the Sharks ahead of the Chairman's Cup match next week". As well as the game against Oatlands in Glasgow on Tuesday, the Sharks will also have a tough test against Dundee University in Division 1 on Thursday.


basketballtayside & fife Senior Men's Division 1 Table 2009/10

Team Played Won Lost Points


3 0 6
Dundee University 3 2 1 5
Frews Madsons 5 0 5 5
Abertay University 2 2 0 4
Perth Phoenix


2 0 4
Arbroath Musketeers 2 1 1 3
Nationals 3 0 3 3
St Andrews University 2 1 1 2